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Curenex Skin Booster - 1 vial x 5ml

Curenex Skin Booster - 5 vials x 5ml


CURENEX is a skin rejuvenating solution that has progressive skin rejuvenation and age-reversal effects. It delivers Polydeoxynucleotide and multi peptides into the skin cells, stimulating and accelerating cell repair and regeneration of new skin cells, thus strengthening and thickening the skin structure.

 Main Ingredients: 

Salmon PDRN- can promote cell and tissue regeneration, promote collagen formation, and moisturize normal skin tissue for long-lasting effects.

Glutathione can eliminate free radicals in the body, can also improve the body's immunity, and eliminate dullness, whitening and brightening.

The growth factor can quickly activate the epidermal cells of the skin, improve skin dehydration, restore skin elasticity, and completely solve problems such as dryness, roughness, wrinkles, dullness, yellowing, and skin relaxation.

Hyaluronic acid-known as the ideal natural moisturizing factor, can improve skin nutrition metabolism, make the skin soft and smooth, and increase skin moisture.

Collagen can treat facial wrinkles, scars or facial skin defects, moisturise, nourish, brighten and firm the skin, make the face look new.

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