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Flawless Fine Filler Lidocaine - 2 x 1ml (CE)

Flawless Fine Filler Lidocaine - 2 x 1ml (CE)



FLAWLESS Fine is a filler based on hyaluronic acid for the correction of fine lines. The given product is the first one from the cognominal series and is perfectly suitable for the management of the first hallmarks of skin ageing. The base of the filler is cross-linked polymeric hyaluronic acid that effectively binds the water. Since the product is injected into the intradermal layer, it is possible to reach point-wise correction of the finest lines in the eye, lips and neck areas. The solution represents the multi-layered phasic that is stable and has optimal viscosity that prevents migration of the product from the injection zone. In addition, the world’s first patented technology increases the stability of hyaluronic acid in the composition. Such modification additionally enhances the consistency of the product and provides a more long-lasting effect from the procedures.

- contains lidocaine and injections are undergoing almost painless

- suitable for young patients which are needed the light correction of first age-related skin changes

- the filler not only effectively fills the volumes on the face but also moisturizes the skin


FLAWLESS Fine indicated for:

- elimination of fine lines

- flattering of marionette-lines and “crow’s feet” wrinkles

- correction of fine lines in the neck area

- elimination of light wrinkles in the lips area

Product composition: Hyaluronic Acid 20 mg/ml, 0.3% Lidocaine


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