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Manla Kar - 1 x 1.0ml, Collagen Treatment

Manla Kar - 1 x 1.0ml, Collagen Treatment


Manla Kar Collagen is a high-purity, high-concentration collagen that is closest to the natural form of collagen.

It improves skin regeneration, supplies nutrients and moisture, and activates cell metabolism to make the skin shiny and elastic.

It is also a multi-collagen that is naturally absorbed into the skin and freely fused between cells.

Collagen is used to improve and recover ligaments and tendons that are damaged during internal and external treatments or surgeries
to supplement muscles, biological membranes, and cartilage.

Atelocollagen effect

Replaces damaged tissue with new collagen and promotes collagen production. Gives collagen supplementation and regeneration effects.


- Elasticity

- Regenerative Power

- Improvement

- Moisturization


How to Use: By injecting directly

-  lips to make them fuller, 

- eyes for light volume and rejevenation (30G needle size)

It is recommended to use the product only by professionals.


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