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MESO-WHARTON P199 1 x 1ml, $178

Meso-Wharton P199 1 x 1.5ml


 Meso- Wharton P199 is a new injection treatment that has given highly desirable results of deep tissue repair at the cellular level. This in-depth treatment of the skin is a new generation treatment. It moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. Its rich formula of microelements and vitamins has a significant effect on the skin.

  How does Meso-Wharton P199 work?

Meso-Wharton is administered to patients over 40 years of age to revitalize and lift the face and body skin. It offers several benefits, including

1.      Lifts the skin and makes it firm

2.      Delays and limits wrinkles

3.      Keeps the skin hydrated

4.      Improves facial contour

5.      Improves the health of skin

Who should not use Meso-Wharton P199?

People who have compromised immunity, are allergic to the ingredients or are breastfeeding or pregnant should avoid this drug.

Product available only for professional users.



  • Ingredients

    Wharton's Jelly Peptide P199, synthetic hyaluronic acid, bioactive set of vitamins (A, group B, C, E, K), peptides, amino acids, minerals and coenzymeInnovative product - developed for the prevention of the symptoms of age-related skin changes, effective recovery after surgery, cosmetic effects on the skin and reduce scarring.

    Package includes:  1.5 ml of the product, "instructions for use". (Needle not included, recommended needle - 0,23h4 mm (33G))


  • How to Use

    Injection depth: Epidermal / Superficial to Mid Dermis
    Injection area: Face / Neck / Décolleté

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