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V LIFTING FACE MASK, ORORD - Lipolytic mask Korea

V LIFTING FACE MASK, ORORD - Lipolytic mask Korea

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Fast and long-lasting result of weight loss and tightening.    The ergonomic shape allows you to cover the entire necessary area of ​​correction.
    Moisturizes the skin, starts its own rejuvenation processes by activating the production of collagen and elastin.
    It penetrates deep into the dermal layers, effectively splits and completely removes fat deposits.
    Suitable for all skin types.

The first in the field to use specialized fabric with great elasticity that aids in creating a natural lift in the face! V Lifting Mask is a cosmetic product that shows immediate results. The effects of 1 mask lasts about 12 hours. With daily use, the sagging in the chin area will gradually reduce in size, allowing the effects to last longer with prolonged use. Everyone is affected by gravity which pulls down rather than lifts – it’s important to constantly work against gravity! Take time to care for yourself everyday. 

Features:100% brand new and high quality! It is more resilient than other products.

1. Special material for chin line care -100% silk base

2. Low-polar pores management

3. Contains highly-enriched ampule

4. Excellent absorptiveness


  • Ingredients

    Using a high quality cotton tension fabric it holds the jaw line with great resilience.

    Silk Seriein, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Mulberry Root Extract

  • How to Use


    1. Open the pouch to remove the film.

    2. Pull up at the end of the mask and then click. Place the center of the mask on the chin.

    3. Center the mask on the chin and hang it on the ear. If you will fill pain in the ear when using the product. Please extend the pack once more.

    4. Remove after one or two hour,  then massage both cheeks.


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