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Welle Vasis - 2ml

Welle Vasis - 2ml


Welle Vasis is a biorevitalizant, the unique formula of which acts on all the main pathogenetic mechanisms of skin ageing, including microcirculation. The complex included in the composition in conjunction with carbon dioxide normalizes the functional and structural state of all links of the microvasculature of the skin. The synergistic action of the ingredients increases the level of moisture and improves the quality characteristics of the skin without signs of puffiness, especially in patients with deformational ageing morphotype. 

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid with a revitalizing component of antioxidants ensures the restoration of the hydro reserves and optimal conditions for the functioning of the skin.


- Angioprotective; 

- Biorevitalization prolonged;

- Carboxytherapy

- Revitalization Indications:

- Dehydration of the skin of any genesis;

- Prevention and correction of age-related changes, especially with leformation-oedema, tired morphotypes of ageing;

* Dull, dull skin

* Signs of premature skin ageing

Course: 2-4 procedures with an interval of 14 days


  • Ingredients

    Hyaluronic acid 1.8% (1600kDa), mannitol, anti-inflammatory complex, carbon dioxide, amino acids-21, oligoelements (sulfur, iron), glutathione, glucose, rutin, gingko biloba, Centella asiatica extract, osmotic buffer, pH 7.45

  • How to Use


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