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WiQO Med Cream +WiQO Smoothing Fluid - 2 sachet x 3ml each

WiQO Med Cream- 1 sachet x 3ml



Wiqo Med Cream can be used as a daily care, day or night, to potentiate the results of PRX-T33 Peel Medical Treatment.

WiQo Cream for normal and mixed skin restores the hydrolipidic film on skin lacking firmness or affected by age or atmospheric agents, such as cold weather or wind.
It is particularly necessary following outpatient skin peels, which remove the skin’s protective film. By restoring this film, this product prevents evaporation from the skin, which  could lead to dryness and, subsequently, to skin itching, reddening and cracking. The nourishing and moisturizing Wiqo cream brings: A lightening of the complexion Maintaining complete hydration, skin nourished and smoothed A reduction of wrinkles and fine lines

can be done all year round, even in the summer months and there are no needles involved.



  • Ingredients

    With PRX-T33, a combination of TCA and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) quickly penetrates the dermis (one of the skin's layers), activating a process of regeneration without attacking the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). The PRX-T33 solution contains 33% TCA and 67% hydrogen peroxide. The peel is incredibly effective. The combination of TCA and hydrogen peroxide stimulates the dermis non-invasively, while minimising the aggressive exfoliation of the dermis. PRX-T33 promotes stimulation of fibroblasts and growth factors without causing inflammation or damaging the skin. The treatment can be performed at any time of year, unlike peeling, because it is not photosensitising, and it is suitable for all skin types.

  • How to Use

    1. The skin is prepared with mild soap, rinsed and dried thoroughly.

    2. 2 ml of the facial peeling solution is applied per area, by manual massage or spatula.

    3. Apply between 2 and 5 layers of the product (usually 3) on each area of the face and decollete. Then massage the product firmly until it is absorbed and a palpable or visible elasticity is observed.

    4. Plenty of fresh water is used to wash the face.

    5. Moisturiser can be applied (as desired).

    6. After 24-48 hours: the patient should apply a special Fluide WIQO Med at night. This moisturizes and acidifies the skin. 30 minutes later, they can then apply moisturiser.

    Step six must be repeated on the next day after the peel, morning and night.

    The peel can be used either as a facial treatment or on the body for the treatment of scars and stretch marks. 

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