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Laennec Inj.-50vials (JAPAN)

Laennec Inj (Korea)




Laennec Cell Revitalization Extract preserves and revitalizes the weakened and aging cells strengthens the immune system and improves physical and mental capacity. 

Prevention of menopause, Treatment of early menopause, Treatment of severe symptoms of menopause, Chronic fatigue syndrome "burnout syndrome”. Aging begins at the age of 25 when decreasing amount of collagen and elastin start to affect elasticity and strength of skin, and its moisture level. Laennec is a Japanese drug that is a 100% highly purified extract of the human placenta. It is best used in the form of droppers or injections because it is the intramuscular method of administering the drug that enhances the effectiveness of the effects on the body. A wide range of action of the drug Laennec due to its composition, which includes fibroblast growth factors that contribute to the activation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin; nucleic and organic acids that enhance protein biosynthesis; vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, D, providing antioxidant and regenerating effect of the drug.Indications for admission Laennec: Improving skin qualityDermatological diseases Chronic liver disease Alcohol intoxication of the body Improving vitality and mood Improving performance Normalizing hormonal levels and the immune system Increasing sexual activityContraindications are: Baby age Pregnancy Lactation period Increased sensitivity to the drug.

The Japanese Laennec Extract of Human Placenta.


  • Laennec from Japan Strengthens the function of internal organs and promotes cells' rejuvenation
  • Stimulates hematopoietic function
  • Melsmon restores the normal function for hormone production and is available at a special price
  • Improves lactation and enhances the growth of mammary gland
  • Promote growth in babies
  • Laennec improves circulation of blood
  • Wound healing and promoting the formation of serum

Laennec has a powerful beauty effect - revitalizing, anti-aging and whitening:

  • Increases light reflectance, inner "luminescence" of skin
  • Extension of tissue breathing 5-7 times
  • Laennec from Korea eliminates hyperpigmentation
  • Intensive revascularization
  • Regeneration of epidermis cells
  • Manufacturer: Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd., Korea.                       


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