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La Precia Collection


UTP company has been working since 1991 and actively participates in scientific researches and development on the application of placental properties and efficacy in cosmetics and medicine. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of professional placental products in Japan. We offer the BEST JAPANESE PREPARATIONS FOR THE INTERNAL MARKET which allowed to be used in dermatological clinics to treat various skin problems and prevent aging, are actively used in medicine and their production is carried out under strict state control. UTP has developed La Precia line of high quality, home use, daily care beauty products based on its popular Japanese professional salon series. These products use swine placenta extract (a miracle ingredient to stop aging) as a common active ingredient across a multi-functional complex of daily skin care products. This series of products are designed to restore the skin's natural strength and immunity, plus provide everyday support to enhance the skin's own beauty processes.

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