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Hair Care Collection

Want to get the best out of your hair? Explore our advanced hair care series products which have been created by the Japanese and Korean manufacturer that make your hair healthy & stylish. 

Professional hairline with placental extract m.h.g. is a means for hair care and the maintenance of scalp health for women and men.

Innovative formulas are developed on the basis of the program Mesoporation Hair Growth Project, aimed at protecting and maintaining a healthy state of the scalp, as well as paying special attention to the problems of growth and hair loss. Included in the advanced components: hydrolyzed keratin, derived from bird feathers, as well as specific growth factor proteins (KGF, IGF and EGF) contribute to improving the scalp and strengthening the hair. The complex application of the m.h.g line provides prevention of problems associated with hair loss, without discomfort and pain at home.

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