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M.H.G. Meso Hair Growth Treatment

M.H.G. Meso Hair Growth Treatment


The series consists of three tools: Shampoo (Purification), Air conditioning (humidification) and Tonic Hair (Treatment), formulas are developed on the basis of the program Mesoporation Hair Growth Project, aimed at protecting and preserving the health of the scalp, as well as to pay special attention th the hair growth  and  loss problems. The basic ingredients is   placental extract and hydrolyzed keratin.

Many modern producers of hair except for washing base used in their formulations keratin from sheep's wool. Means for mgh series also contain hair keratin derived from feathers, which in its composition is essential for restoring the elasticity and flexibility of hair, penetrates deep into the dermis of the scalp, allowing the hair splendor with a soft and delicate wash.

Placenta extract was applied long enough for the treatment of hair loss and problems of growth, mainly in the form of painful injections. Combined application of this series of products, including the unique hair tonic based placental extract, and specific proteins - growth factor (KGF, IGF and FGF) provides home treatment  and prevents the problems associated with hair loss without pain and discomfort.

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