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Make-Up Collection


La Precia has developed a line of foundation using placenta extract, a complex of vitamins and special filters to protect the skin from free radicals and various kinds of radiation (UV and Blue light) to add skin care to your make-up base, very light foundation with the effect of veil La PREIA Veil - "beauty and care day after day".
Belief in the power of the placenta, its research and use for more than 20 years, has allowed to create a completely new kind of makeup non comedogenic tools and to bring decorative cosmetics to the level of the waste that will provide your skin with the necessary moisturizing, nourishment and protection throughout the day with the triple force of Placenta extract, Passion Fruit and Proteoglycan- a powerful moisture retention which are main ingredients of this composition.

Suitable for all skin types, also for women with problem and sensitive skin.

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