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Meso Hair Growth Tonic, MHG -  3 x 60ml

Meso Hair Growth Tonic, MHG - 60ml


A unique tonic is great for reducing hair loss and enhancing growth. An effective scalp treatment, with herb extracts and vitamins to stimulate the growth of strong, healthy hair by increasing cell metabolism, improving blood circulation and strengthening the hair cuticle.


  • Key Ingredients

    Placenta extract, 3GF (keratinocyte growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, fibroblast growth factor), fucoidan, plant extracts (ginkgo biloba extract, melilot extract), hyaluronic acid

  • How to Use

    - Only use once per day, after washing the scalp or whenever it fits your daily routine.

    - Draw 6 ml of MHG Pro Tonic to the wet or dry hair with the light massage to the entire scalp.

    - Massage in and leave to dry.

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