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P198 ExoHealer FILCORE HB PLUS PROGRAM - 5pairs, (Lyophilized Exosome+Solvent)

P198 ExoHealer FILCORE SB PLUS PROGRAM, (Lyophilized Exosome+So


P198 ExoHealer is a skin booster completed with exosome cell biotechnology that contains the essence of pure exosome with enhanced function.

Preparation 1 – Filcore SB Plus 

Overshelming amount of 245.7 billion exosome particles

Prepareation 2 – Filcore Activation Solution 

59 skin activation ingredients

How to use:

Pull the transparent cap on the top of the container in the direction of the arrow to the end and remove any aluminum from the rim..

Remove the rubber cap and pour the FILCORE Activating Solution (5ml), or N/S 2ml with P198 FILCORE SB.

Shake well 3~4 times to dissolve the powder.


 For skin treatment, apply onto the skin with MTS. 

Each set contains 2 x 5ml vials (powder and activator); perfect for topical application after RF and microneedling. After mixing freeze-dried powder, use immediately, product does not contain preservatives. 



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