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La Precia Cleansing Water Gel-150ml

La Precia Cleansing Water Gel - 150ml

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This cleansing gel-oil with thermo effect that deep cleanses impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture, helps to tighten the face line sharp. Placenta extract and lavender oil help to improve the skin’s barrier function and moisturize keeping the skin smooth and supple.

• When applied to your skin it has a warm effect
• Ensures the complete removal of make-up at the end of the day and leaves skin hydrated and naturally moist.
• Ensures the complete removal of make-up at the end of the days and leaves skin hydrated and naturally moist.
• Regular use will lift the skin and bring out your radiance leaving your face looking supple and youthful.
• The deep cleansing effects will open the pores and remove the harmful impurities without impacting the skin’s natural look.
• This oil based cleanser will also provide your skin with a protective layer and support your skin’s natural healing processes.

  • Ingredients

    🔹Placenta extract is a natural biostimulant, it normalizes the synthesis of collagen fibers, activates cellular renewal, smooths wrinkles, helps restore skin turgor, smooths out the tone, prevents melanin synthesis.

    🔹Ricin (castor) oil - has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and protective properties

    🔹Lavender oil - has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect

    🔹Horse chestnut extract - has anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and capillary-strengthening effect. Removes irritation, improves microcirculation. Due to the ability of esculin to protect the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight.

    🔹Clematis extract - has a stimulating, tonic and bactericidal properties. Activates the process of penetration into tissues of biologically active components, enhancing their beneficial effects. Used in rejuvenating agents, since it contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant effect.

    🔹Horsetail extract - contains silicic acid. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, has strengthening properties. Removes skin puffiness, improves oxygen and fat metabolism, helps eliminate toxins

    🔹Ivy extract - heats the skin, enhances microcirculation and metabolism in fat cells, helps to remove toxins and remove swelling. Has a tonic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Increases the  elasticity of the skin.

    🔹Extract of florets of the twill - has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect

    🔹Extract of brown seaweed fucus - contains almost the entire spectrum of micro- and macroelements that stimulate fat lipolysis of subcutaneous fat and affect the formation of the structure of collagen fibers of the skin dermis. Sulfated polysaccharides of the extract neutralize the effect of free radicals

    🔹Tocopherol (fat-soluble vitamin E) - a universal "beauty vitamin" and an excellent antioxidant that slows down aging. Stimulates skin breathing, strengthens cell membranes. Has anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing, softening and moisturizing properties



  • How to Use

    A small spoonful apply on the face and spread thoroughly for about three or four minutes, massaging the oil onto the area of your face you want to treat, then wash off with water. Suitable for use with extended eyelashes. Close cap after each use. Store away from high temperature and direct sunlight.

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