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Nithya Stimulate - 1vial x 5ml

Nithya Stimulate - 1vial x 5ml


NITHYA Stimulate restores the skin's natural youth and firmness. By stimulating the skin's elasticity and thus reducing signs of ageing, NITHYA Stimulate ensures a flawless and particularly even complexion. The powerful and advanced formula of NITHYA Stimulate is made up of three main ingredients, each of which brings different benefits: Tetrapeptide-2 promotes collagen and elastin production for optimal reduction in the number and density of pesky wrinkles. Chemically derived sodium hyaluronate is responsible for increasing the skin's moisture level, and also reduces the depth of wrinkles. Lastly, hydrolysed collagen improves overall skin texture by combating protein deficiencies and enhancing skin hydration. In addition, this ingredient helps to reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and even scars.

Nithya products do not fall under the category of fillers or bio-revitalisers but are so-called soft skin care products that can be administered in different ways. Versatile and effective, Nithya S-Line products can be applied to different areas of the face and body to ensure long-lasting and satisfying results. The Nithya S-Line products are also customisable and combinable so that every customer can get the best help for their individual problem. The Nithya S-Line is largely made of vegan ingredients and always contains different compositions of various, innovative and qualitative ingredients. Furthermore, the Nithya S-Line products do not cause any serious or adverse reactions or side effects when used correctly. Nithya S-Line has been developed for all people equally, regardless of age or gender.


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