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Dermaheal SR - 10vials*5ml

Dermaheal SR - 10 vials x 5ml



Dermaheal SR - anti-aging mesopreparation is used for revitalization, as well as to combat wrinkles, acne, enlarged pores. Smoothes wrinkles and improves silhouette. Mesotherapeutic cocktail with biomimetic peptides stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Designed for normal, thin, dry, sensitive skin of the face and body skin.

Action: stimulating the growth of healthy skin tissue cells, reducing minor wrinkles and facial wrinkles, preventing wrinkles and deep wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, controlling water balance, active hydration, stimulating the synthesis of various extracellular matrices, including collagen and elastin, sodium hyaluronate.

Age indications:  is designed to slow the aging process in patients older than 30 years.

  • Ingredients

    Peptide growth complex, copper tripeptide-1, mineral cocktail, amino acids.

  • How to Use


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