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JUVEDERM ULTRA 4 - 2 x 1,0 ml

JUVEDERM ULTRA 4 - 2 x 1,0 ml


2 treatments * 1,0ml

Juvederm Ultra 4 a highly cross-linked robust formulation for volumising and correction of deeper folds and wrinkles, including enhancing volume in the cheeks and chin.



Juvederm Ultra : 4 


Juvéderm™ ULTRA™ contains biocompatible hyaluronic acid which is an injectable filler that provides instant results that are natural so no one will guess anything has even been done. 


What is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found inside the human body. 

It's key properties are to keep the skin hydrated whilst adding plumpness. HA naturally breaks down in the body during metabolism and is then replaced.


However as we get older and our metabolism slows down, replacement of HA is less often which results in less hydrated skin and less volume in the skin. 


Medical professionals have been using HA in arthritis treatment and during eye surgery.


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