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Please, please, please use SunScreen !

I'm always asking my family, friends and customers to use Sunscreen everyday. This is the number one beauty tip we can all follow, so many of the skin problems and age marks we are correcting for in our treatments are because of sun damage. It is not just the threat of skin cancer (which should not be ignored) but the daily wear and tear caused to your skin by the sun. I guess I shoud be thankful that people do not take my advice as they end up coming to me for corrective treatments but I would rather work on prevention than cure. Take a look at the chart below to see how exposed to the sun you are. (Measured in kWh/m2).

We have all made excuses to ourselves as to why we do not need to apply any sun protection – not enough time; just popping out for a few minutes; it’s overcast so no problem.

So here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. A changing ozone layer (ignoring the science as to why) is increasing the intensity of the sun and we need more protection.

2. Skin cancer rates are on the rise perhaps we are just better at detection but some people are more pre-disposed to skin cancer than others, so why take the risk. Removal of a skin cancer requires a large area of skin to be cut and can leave some unsightly scars, on top of the fear and trauma this creates. I have personal experience of this but had a great doctor to take care of my face.

3. Aging as seen through facial brown spots and skin discolorations can be directly related to exposure to the sun, rather than spend hours and money treating and covering them lets cover up with sunscreen first.

4. Wrinkles and fine ines are age related and changing structure of the skin in terms of collagen and hydration. Exposure to the sun can accelerate these processes, we all know what leathery sun damaged skin looks like.

5. The sun can also exacerbate the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness, people with fair , sensitive skin know they are particularly at risk from the sun in causing this problem What about the need for obtaining vitamin D via the sun ?

It is true that the sun can help with our internal production of Vitamin D but most peoples needs are so satisfied by a healthy diet that includes fish, dairy and eggs that are rich in Vitamin D and exposure to the sun for about 30 minutes twice a week. Through this we will produce enough Vitamin D to meet our daily needs. Note - exposure to the sun wearing sunscreen can also give the same benefits in terms of Vitamin D production as direct sun if we are exposed for a bit longer but in this case reduce the sun’s intensity on our skin. Once we meet this daily requirement additional exposure to the sun and extra Vitamin D cannot be used by the body.

Products that might increase the risk of sun burn.

It is not well known but some products generally used for treating acne can increase the risk of sun burn as an example products containing tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide can lead to your skin being more sensitive and irritated when exposed to the sun. You should get advice on this when being given these products but generally avoiding direct sunlight and wearing sunscreen will manage these problems.

Also some oral anti-inflammatory, acne and cardiovascular medications may increase the risk of sunburn, you will be advised by your doctor how to manage this risk.

How can we apply sunscreen as part of a daily routine ?

We are not suggesting that you need to smear white zinc oxide cream on your face every time you leave the house. There are many alternative tinted mineralised zinc and titanium oxide products today that can match your skin tone and most foundation products contain some degree of sun protection, make sure you use a foundation with a stated SPF factor, our foundation products below are SPF 12 which gives some modest protection.

Of course foundation will not be applied to all your exposed skin so we suggest using a sunscreen appropriate for your skin type. Again in our product range we carry SoRE Sun Out 32 which has an SPF of 32 and can be used as a base for make-up and can also be used on the hands and arms. This is my sunscreen of choice for everyday use as I also get the hydrating benefits of the placenta extract within the formulation.

I you are taking part in sports or out on the water then we would suggest using a more traditional sunscreen with a higher SPF and designed for sports.

As a word of caution avoid expired sunscreen products, there is a high risk that they will not provide the protection you are expecting.

Are you convinced of the benefits of using SunScreen yet and importantly how it can be part of your normal daily make-up routine ?

Feel free to get in touch if you want any further advice. I would suggest if it relates to a medication you are taking that you refer to the medical practitioner that prescribed the medication.

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