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Asklerol 3% - 2 x 2ml

Asklerol 3% - 2 x 2ml


Asklerol 3% Injection is a prescription medicine used in the treatment of varicose veins. It is a sclerosing agent that damages the layer of blood vessels, leading to platelet aggregation. This will lead to an occluded vessel and then it is finally replaced with connective tissue.


Benefits of Asklerol Injection:

In varicose veins


Varicose veins are caused due to problems with blood flow from the veins of the legs to the heart causing and this causes discomfort. Asklerol 3% Injection helps improve blood flow, decreases narrowing of veins due to clotting of blood, and promotes healing. This ensures to relieve symptoms of varicose veins such as pain and inflammation. Eventually, it can help you carry out your daily activities easily and improves the quality of life.


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