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ASCE+ HRLV means hair renewal through the enhanced composition of ASCE HRLV, 1ml of the preparation contains a higher dose of exosomes. In addition, the product can be dissolved in platelet-rich plasma, and growth factors contained in platelets additionally enhance the effect of stimulating hair regrowth. Hair exosomes are very effective. They are ideal for the treatment of androgenetic and telogen effluvium in women and men. One vial of the preparation contains 20 mg of powder with 10 billion exosomes and biotin 0.05%. The product supports the growth phase of the hair through 1008 different types of proteins and growth factors that stimulate regrowth. In addition, it contains 598 types of MiRNAs that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp. ASCE+™ HRLV is a safe and effective product for both men and women. It is easy to use and can be applied to the scalp directly or mixed with a carrier oil.

Usage: Mix the lyophilized powder with 3-5 ml of saline.

Therapy for the patient: 3-5 sessions every 2 weeks. The effects of use on the hair appear after 3-4 months

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