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Feelface Carboxy Therapy For All Skin Types - 5 Treatments (DJ Carboxy)

FeelFace Therapy CO2 Gel Mask - 1 treatment (DJ Carbon Therapy Rebranded)


This breakthrough therapy generates activating bubbles that contain a proprietary formula, which stimulates skin to restore beauty, energy and health. Carboxy Face Masks deliver these amazing results and more in just a 30 minutes non-invasive treatment that works for all skin with no special equipment. 

The activating bubbles are absorbed into the skin without injection to increase oxygen and the skin's ability to assimilate necessary nutrients and eliminate destructive toxins. The benefits of carbon dioxide to skin have been well documented over years of studies and personal testimonials describing its remarkable anti-aging and corrective properties, even for acne and temperamental skin. Carboxy treatments are safe and easy to administer, even in the comfort of your home, and best of all, no down time with cumulative results that can be apparent from the first treatment. 


The benefits of Carboxy Face Mask are abundant, and some of them includes:


1. Restore skin health

2. Detoxify skin surface

3. Minimise wrinkles and fine lines

4. Tighten and refine pores

5. Clear acne and post-acne marks

6. Enhance skin elasticity and suppleness

7. Reduce redness and sensitivity

8. Reduce pigmentation, freckles and age spots

9. Reduce stored bulky fat pockets

10. Maintain oil/moisture balance


 It's suitable for ALL skin types and problems.


How to use:

Each box comes with 5 treatments and 5 sets of face+neck paper masks. 

So just a small tip for you, do use up about 80% of the treatment on your face by layering on the gel thinly, layer by layer and then thickening it at your problematic areas, namely your 'flabby' jawline, sagging cheeks, acne marks, pigmentation spots and etc. 

Put the paper mask on the top of the gel, using your palms, press down the mask at your cheeks first, then your forehead and chin. You will hear this sizzling sound and feel many small biting, prickly sensation as the activating bubbles started to work. 

Keep pressing and massaging your face in an upwards motion until all the sizzling stop, and you may carry on with the massaging for another few minutes before leaving the mask on for another 15 to 20 minutes. 

Contents: Gel 25g / 5EA, 5 sheets per Face and Neck

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