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Gift Set Pladue Across -  1 (3 items), Japan

Gift Set Pladue Across - 1 (3 items), Japan


The gift set of 3 products:

1. Sparkling Mask

2. S'oRe Pla Lip - Placenta Lip Balm

3. Pladue Across placenta essence

Pladue Across Placenta Essence is a high-functional beauty solution which blended with a high content of EGF (human oligopeptide-1), in combination with a high-quality extract of the placenta extract and collagen, actively affects the cells of the upper layer of the epidermis, activating their life cycle, stimulating cellular regeneration, restoring their natural vitality.  Placenta Extract is a multi-function, natural essence with a strong anti-ageing effect. It contains various amino acids and active peptides that are effective ingredients for lightening hyper-pigmentation including freckles, melasma and age spot reduction; smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles; and refining of facial pores.

It promotes rapid healing, removes traces of acne, smooths the texture of the skin, returning smoothness and elasticity. 

Active Ingredients:
Placenta extract - a natural biostimulator, normalizes the synthesis of collagen fibres, activates cellular renewal, smooths wrinkles, helps restore skin turgor, smooths out the tone, prevents melanin synthesis. Recommended for: Dry, sensitive, Inflamed, uneven skin tone

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