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Juve Eyes PN 1% - 2 ml

Juve Eyes PN 1% - 2 ml


Juve Eyes is a premium PN product for the area around the eyes with 1% (20mg) Poly-nucleotide, which improves the conditions of the damaged dermis with tissue regeneration material and purified DNA from salmon milt.


-Dark circles

- Bruises under the eyes

- Remove fine lines and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes

- Heal acne scars and large pores

- Loss of Elasticity in the periorbital zone

- Brighter and younger skin

Juve Eyes Injection part:

- under eyes

- mesotherapy for the whole face (dehydrated, dry skin in need of regeneration) 

Recommended to use: Up to 3 treatments every 20-30 days

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