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Lipo Lab V-line Solution - 10ml x 5 vials (Korea)

Lipo Lab V-line Solution - 10ml x 5 vials (Korea)


Lipo Lab V-Line is ideal solution for face slimming.

  • It expedites lymph circulation & melting the excess fat in the face, and also reduces swelling. It will let you see the effect
    of skin regeneration.
  • Not only with the fatty face, but it can also be used for sagging parts which are produced with age.
  • Remove the fat by giving the effect of face lifting on cheeks and double chin. It makes perfect face line with V curve.
  • Promote cell regeneration and leave skin smooth and elastic.
  • Show quick treatment effect of fat removal with perfect results.
  • Quick and simple treatment in 5-10minutes and the results can be shown with only 1-time treatment.                                                                Storage Method: When unopened, room temperature storage, valid for 3 years. After opening, it is still fine to store in room temperature, but for safe & long storage, it is suggested to keep it in the refrigerator.        
  • Ingredients

    Water, horse chestnut extract, Tyrosine, L-carnitine, walnut seed extract, thermophilic

  • How to Use

    • The product is ready to use. It doesn’t need to mix with other solutions.
    • 1 bottle can be used for 5 people, and inject maximum 2cc for full face.
    • Injection depth 5mm,Injection amount 0.1~0.2cc, Injection interval 1cm.
    • It shows the result after 1st treatment, but if side effects occur, additional injection could be done.
      Treatment interval would be 3 days.

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