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MISOJIUM Super Lifting Mask Kit - 10 Masks, Cream 30ml

Pepplus+ Super Lifting Mask Set - 10 Masks, Cream 30ml



When you are over 35, there is no time at all ... but urgently you need to get 100%!  Face mask with peptides PicoBio. Super lifting effect in 30 minutes!  Express rejuvenation.  Misojium super-lifting mask is a tool for express facelift in 30 minutes, as well as for intensive healing.  Do you want to instantly smooth out existing wrinkles?  Ensure smooth and toned skin?  Look younger than your age?  We suggest you try the PicoBio Super Lifting program.  Means for instant facelift.  Super lifting instant action.  The program is designed to solve the problems of skin aging: ~ restoring the codei's elasticity and decreasing its flabbiness ~ preventing facial cells from aging - the code will become younger at the cellular level ~ increasing skin elasticity ~ smoothing wrinkles ~ tightening the facial contour ~ improving blood supply and collagen production ~ restoring color and texture  face code ~ fight against writing spots ~ enhance regenerative functions of the skin, including the production of peptides by cells ~ improve metabolism in cells ~ antioxidant effect ~ restore  copulating turgor ~ cleanse the skin of toxins ~ occurrence rejuvenating effect.  The main component.  Responsible for improving skin condition.  Provides an increase in its elasticity, narrowing of pores, lightening, regeneration, destruction of fat and reducing wrinkles.  contains sweet extract of govenia fruit, slows down the aging process.  

  • Ingredients


  • How to Use

    Before applying the mask, wash your face thoroughly. Open Super Lifting Polymer and drop the contents into the Super Lifting Pack.  Stir the resulting mixture vigorously for 30 seconds.  Then evenly apply the mask with a brush on the face (excluding the eye area) and leave for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse off the mask with cool water and apply Super Wrinkle Cream on your face. To achieve the greatest effect, it is recommended to undergo a course of procedures designed for 4-6 weeks (1 procedure per week).

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