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Recell PDRN Skin Booster - 3ml x 5ea

Recell PDRN Skin Booster - 3ml x 5ea


Recell PDRN Skin Booster is an innovative injectable solution manufactured to allow pharmacological action by dividing DNA Polymer into a certain size using specialized manufacturing technology from salmon semen.

How does PDRN work? 

PDRN stimulates and increases the metabolic activity of cells in the skin called fibroblasts so that to regenerate key components of the skin such as collagen, glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins. PDRNactivates tired aged and damaged cells to act younger and get to work again.


Topical application can be combined with the most advanced technologies: skin boosters injection machine, micro-needling,  RF needle, Fractionated Pulsed light and electroporation.

1. Regeneration: Skin rejuvenation, improve elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines.
2. Scar treatment: Normal scar, Acne scar and Stretch mark.
3. Scalp care: Hair growth / Improve the engraftment rate after hair implant.


Tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory substance

Fast and excellent effect 

Continuous regeneration effect

Exceptional safety and reliability

Low molecular weight

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