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Sparkling Mask - 1 x 10g. (Japan)

Sparkling Mask - 1 x 10g. (Japan)


UTP skincare company created a CO2 Sparkling Mask that uses “carboxy technology to draw out massive amounts of oxygen to the surface of the skin” which is purifies and deeply moisturizes. It is recommended to use as a skin brightening and anti-acne treatment applying the mask for 15 minutes. Along with the mask’s Placenta and hamamelis extracts,  hot spring water, Sparkling Mask is the quickest skin booster, you can use before a special event to achieve that healthy  glow, sweeping away dead skin cells and infusing the  skin tissues with the oxygen or as most effective skin care regime to activate skin metabolism and maximize the skin functions, to reduces acne and post acne scars, diminishes wrinkles and sagging, swelling and redness.

These Sparkling  Masks are sold by 1 packet, each packet meant to be used once. The product itself comes out of the packet as a clear, thick gel, kind of like some hair gels.


Efficacy :
·         Whitening

·         Firming
·         Pore tightening
·         Spot correction
·         Anti-oxidant
·         Anti-aging

  • Main Active Ingredients

    Hamamelis Water, Placenta Extract, Hot Spring Water, Arbutin, Hydrolized Collagen, Hydrolized Elstin, Asthaxanthin, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract

  • How to Use

    Smooth the gel all over your face, which upon touch, appears like a white cream (no longer the clear gel). As you continue to slather the gel over your face (there’s a generous amount of gel in each packet so take your time to cover all parts of your face including delicate swollen areas such as the eyelids), the mask begins to foam up. 

    It is recommended to use as a skin brightening use the mask for 2 consecutive days,followed by a  3-5 days of interval before using the mask again. For acne treatment use  the mask daily for at least one month. After just one application, your skin will feel smoother and more refined. For wrinkled and sagging skin 2-3 times a week would be sufficient as the acceleration of protein synthesis such as collagen takes at least 3 weeks, an improvement in wrinkles and sagging skin is only expected after 3 weeks of treatment.  

  • Shipping Method

    DHL,  By ship, By air. Please send to us the quantity, products you wish to order as well as your city,country and post code 

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