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Ultra Light - 2ml x 10vials/Box

Ultra Light


Ultra Light is a new solution that is very effective at reducing the appearance and profile ofmoderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat). 

- When injected into the fat underneath the chin, UltraLight causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, the cells can no longer store or accumulate fat.

  • Remove the fat by giving the effect of face lifting on cheeks and double chin. It makes the perfect face line with a V curve.
  • Elimination of excess fat and controlled formation of new fat cells.
  • Promote cell regeneration and leave skin smooth and elastic.
  • It can remove cheek fat, buccal fat, subaural sagging fat, and submental fat. It also corrects overdone fat graft. 
  • Show quick treatment effect of fat removal with the perfect results.
  • Quick and simple treatment in 5-10 /minutes and the results can be shown with only 1-time treatment.                                                   

Composition of lipolytic Ultra Light:

Deoxycholic acid, Lecithin, Juglans Regia, Fucus Vesiculosus, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Tyrosine, Disodium Adenosine Phosphate, Pulsatilla Extract, Sodium Chloride, Riboflavin, 
Doctors attribute Light Fit to indirect lipolytic, which means that it contains only natural ingredients that contribute to the speedy breakdown of excess body fat.

How treatment works:

Following injection of Ultra Light, the adipocyte cell wall is destroyed, resulting in the cascade of inflammatory necrosis of cell and a reduction in the size of adipocytes. Inflammatory cascade also results in fibroblast migration and stimulation, resulting in the buildup of more collagen.

Treatment area:

  • Individuals with a busy schedule
  • Sagging cheeks, sagging chin-line and double-chin
  • No visible results from Botox application
  • Large cheekbones, no elasticity in the skin
  • Slim waistline and love-handles, perfect and slim leg line

Ultra Light protocol of use:

1. Usage per each spot is 0.1cc. Don't exceed 2cc at once.

Storage Method: When unopened, room temperature storage, valid for 3 years. After opening, it is still fine to store at room temperature, but for safe & long storage, it is suggested to keep it in the refrigerator.

  • Ingredients


  • How to Use

    • The product is ready to use. It doesn’t need to mix with other solutions.
    •  Inject maximum 2cc for full face.
    • Needle used 13mm for the entire length of the needle, at an angle of 45 C., Injection amount 0.1~0.2cc, Injection interval 1cm.
    • It shows the result after 1st treatment, but if side effects occur, additional injection could be done.
      Treatment interval would be 3 days.
    • At the injection site, immediately carry out the manipulation of the message.

      Since Light Fit softens the light fat layer, aerobic exercise speeds up the breakdown of fat and promotes body weight loss.

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