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Velancia  Cog  PDO Threads - 19G  (4 EA/1 Pack)

Velancia Cog PDO Threads - 19G (4 EA/1 Pack)


Cannula Cog 4D 360° COG Cannula thread

19G/100mm (Needle Size)/ 150mm (Thread Length)


Over the years, PDO (polydioxanone) has been used in a wide range of medical fields, from orthopaedics and pediatric surgery to maxillofacial surgery. Nowadays it is successfully used in cosmetology for face rejuvenation, skin lifting and tightening.

PDO is a biodegradable synthetic polymer that the threads are made of, and this material gets more popular due to its safety. 


Benefits 4D 360° COG Cannula thread

  • Rejuvenating effect lasts for 2 years
  • Specially designed for patients who do not need extra volume on the face
  • Due to incisions along the entire circumference, reliable fixation and double collagen production
  • Rapid recovery with minimal traumatization of tissues


Velancia is a high-quality mesothread with knots with an innovative way of lifting the skin on the face and body. The procedure itself is painless and effective. The principle is that an invisible skeleton is created in the skin, which provides excellent lifting while not limiting facial expression.



4 pcs/pouch


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