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Vita Derm Bio Revitalizing Solution - 3ml x 5vial

Vita Derm Bio Revitalizing Solution - 3ml x 5vial


Vita Derm is a bio-revitalizing complex composed of 59 ingredients and HA to stimulate fibroblast activation”

This pink potion rejuvenates skin layers with the ingredients listed below:

  • 21 Amino Acids & 3 Peptides : Protein and Peptide components
  • 6-Intocell Growth Factor: Growth factor with enhanced percutaneous delivery system
  • 9-Vitamin & 2Antioxidents: Regulates epidermal metabolism and improves skin elasticity
  • 3-Nucleic Acid: Activator for biochemical reactions to help dermal renewal
  • 1-Coenzyme: Important substance in peptide and protein synthesis
  • 6-Minerals: Role of catalysts for many cellular functions and maintaining ion balance in the medium
  • Hyaluronic Acid 0.35%: Activate fibroblasts to produce new collagen, elastin

Amino acids, peptides, Growth factors, and vitamins., give sufficient nutrients for fibroblast activation and minerals that are deficient such as Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium would be replaced. Moreover, pure hyaluronic acid will bring instant results in your skin tone-up and moisture balance.


VitaDerm stimulates the production of skin cells which are fibroblasts so that the added nutrients and vitamins can work in optimum conditions under the skin.

  • After 1st session – improved moisture balancing and texture in the skin is expected.
  • After 2nd session – increased skin elasticity and brightening is expected.
  • After 3rd session – overall facial skin tone-up and glowing is expected.

To maintain the effects, we recommend to proceed two more sessions ever month.


Mesotherapy treatment is carried out over a duration of three months which includes 5 treatment sessions in total. Each session takes up to 30 minutes. The more mature the skin, the more frequent treatments that will be required.



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