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Essence - as the skin treat

Choosing an essence as part of your skin care routine can be confusing. You’re not alone — this is a common problem ! However, they should be an essencetial part of your skin care routine so we need to tackle the confusion and understand what works for each of us. As our stated mission says – we bring professional products to everyone for everyday use.

Essence: The “Stars” of Your Skin-Care Routine

Your entire skin care routine is designed to protect, maintain and enliven your skin but the essence is where you give your skin a treat. This is the concentrated benefit to provide anti-ageing care and repair from the environmental damage of everyday life.

Essence is designed to penetrate your skin with a rich array of curative ingredients such as vitamins, whereas most other products do the important work of providing barriers against external factors and further damage. In this regard an essence will not replace your daily cleansing and moisturizing routine it complements and operates in parallel with this routine.

Essence create benefits over time, it is not a quick fix !

Once we have the right essence in our skin care routine it is the routine that brings the benefit. The effectiveness of the essence in treating your skin will build over time giving long-term results. There are many essences available, we recommend using essence backed by scientific research and where the concentrations of active ingredients are sufficient to make a difference. We are confident that our Japanese placenta based essence collection ticks these boxes.

Do not wait for signs of damage to appear before using an essence

Of course we all expect that as we mature the continued damage from our environment will eventually affect our skin. We should start to use essence before this becomes noticeable. It’s just part of a healthy lifestyle that we should combine with diet and exercise.

However “it is never too late”. The right essence can also repair damaged skin but why not get started and avoid the stress.

Essence Will Target Specific Concerns

Brown spots from too many days in the sun (or post-breakout red marks) require treatment combinations that prevent and repair. Essences can play a critical role in fighting these concerns by helping to impede damage that can prolong the life of such discolorations, and they’ll also help skin repair itself so it can heal faster.

Of course, to keep discolorations from getting worse, you’ll need to keep your skin protected by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day.

Remember, although you want those brown spots gone today, please be patient with your essence and treatment routine. Just as it took time for those fine lines and sun damage to develop, it will take time for your essence to repair them—you should expect some results in 6–12 weeks.

The Best Ways to Use Your Essence

Now that you know why an essence is so beneficial (no matter your skin-care concern), we’ll share the best ways to use one in your routine !

You should use your essence in your daytime and nighttime routine as a first layer after cleansing, when you use it in the morning it will be working to repair your skin beneath the barriers you apply to protect your skin from further damage such as a sunscreen (SoRE Sun Out 32 is our recommendation). Always use SPF during your morning regimen.

There is no single “best” essence, so choose based upon your skin type and concerns. Below is a guide to our range of vitamin and placenta based essences.

Pasha Water

Good anti-oxidant, similar to Vit-C, counters the effects of melanin in the skin and can treat pigmentation problems. Works well with oily skin types.

La Precia Lotion

Combines the benefits of Hyarone and Placenta extract as a natural moisturizer. Vit A,B & E act as an anti-inflammatory and combined with soybean extract is ideal for sensitivity skin.

SoRE L’eau de Mere

Contains deep-sea water full of the vital life nurturing properties that were the formula for the start of life on our planet. Great hydration properties to treat skin damaged from daily stress dryness and lack of sleep. Suitable for people with sensitive skin and even those suffering from atopic eczema.

SoRE VC 10

A combination of Vit C and placenta extract to help with pigmentation problems and bringing out your skin’s natural radiance. Best used in the evening and applied directly to the skin before your cream or lotion. Suitable for all skin types.

SoRE VC 20

Designed to give a more concentrated Vit C treatment that will even out the skin’s pigmentation, increase elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Ideal for use with acne problem skin. This essence can be used together with an ultrasound device to increase its effectiveness.

Placenta Due 100

This highly concentrated placenta extract is a general essence treatment with a strong anti-aging effect. It contains various amino acids and peptides that are effective ingredients for lightening hyper-pigmentation including freckles and age spots. It will also smooth fine lines, reduce wrinkles and refine facial pores. Placenta Due 100 should be applied both in the morning and at night on your clean and dry skin and massaged into the skin giving extra attention to those areas where you have the most need.

Hyarone Due 100

Hyarulonic acid is one of the main components of the dermis and horny skin layer. This is a high technology essence that is effective at holding moisture needed for the healthy and well-toned skin. It penetrates through the basal membrane and generates moisture reserves in deep layers of the skin. Hyarone Due 100 should be applied both in the morning and at night on your clean and dry skin and massaged into the skin giving extra attention to those areas where you have the most need.

There might not be a genie in a bottle to grant your wish of eternal youth but there is an essence to keep your skin looking beautiful.

Go ahead and share your thoughts with us !

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