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Karin Herzog - Active Oxygen


Oxygen is vital for us as it is as also the case for our skin: in fact, oxygen is present in the skin through bloodstream. Getting elder, its presence gets lower; therefore it is a proof of ageing. Not only does our skin need oxygen when getting older, oxygen also has many other amazing characteristics that make it the best ingredient one could imagine for skincare. It provides a deep cleanse, fights the bacteria building up in the skin and boosts certain molecules beneath the skin. Its effects are perceptible from the first application on, which distinguishes oxygen from all the other active ingredients, and the results on the skin are spectacular as well on the re-regulation and the health of the skin as on anti-aging.

With all the different prescriptions Dr. Herzog created, he succeeded in taking profit of all the wonderful properties and specific modes of operation of the oxygen, alone or in combination with other elements, in order to benefit the skin:

- The oxygen has a disinfecting efficiency like anything, which provides many benefits to the skin, such as re-regulating it.

- It has the ability to be fixed with hydrogen and therefore to hydrate exactly there where the skin needs it.

- When contacting with skin, microscopic explosions release the oxygen in gas form. At that moment, the oxygen changes form and thanks to a physical reaction it penetrates beneath the superior parts of the skin, therefore transporting actives in the most efficient way.

- When oxygen is in contact with certain actives, it is able to transform them beneath the skin, and to increase their efficiency, again there where the skin needs it most.

- When the oxygen is a bit more concentrated, it is in position to re-regulate the skin, for example it breaks some anomalous amounts of melanin or fat, which cause marks and cellulite respectively. One can add very important and rare properties in the cosmetic field: the oxygen provokes almost no allergy; it can be used on every kind of skin and on all parts of the face and body, and thanks to its purifying action the formula is without any preservative.

The resulting applications that Dr. Herzog and the teams which succeeded him have successfully effectuated, enabled to develop a line that covers the whole needs of women, at all age, and the line continues extending with the progress of the Karin Herzog Laboratory’s research.


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